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Not lukewarm happy.
Not acceptable, comfortable happy.
But star-colored points of light bursting forth from inside of you happy.

Yes. That happy.

You’ve been told that living a mediocre life is A-OK.
You’ve been told to “suck it up,” and follow the rules.
You’ve been told that you’re not allowed to have wild success in every area of your life — that no one is.
I believe that’s all bullshit.
I believe we were put here on Earth to feel deeply fulfilled.

I don’t believe we were put here to suffer.

I believe we all have gifts and desires that, when nurtured and listened to, leads us to living the life of our dreams.

And I believe that you are absolutely capable of having anything and everything that you desire.

My overriding mission is to create a planet full of happy people. I believe we can all feel deeply fulfilled. I believe we can all make a living doing what we love AND making a positive impact on the world.

I know that you are seeking permission.
Permission to dream.
Permission to grow.
Permission to live the life of your dreams.
Well love, permission granted.

My name is Alionka and I sincerely believe that you are absolutely capable of having anything and everything that you desire. While most people would call me a life coach – I’m on a whole other level.

I’m a dream accelerator and possibility seer.

I’m obsessed with helping people create a life of their dreams. I know that we were all put on Earth to be happy — so I’m on a mission that we fulfill that reality.

My Story

Growing up, I had always known that I was capable of achieving my dreams, as long as I followed the rules.

My over-achieving self did everything I could to make others happy: I got straight A’s, was president of my class, editor-in-chief of an award winning yearbook, actress in all of the school plays, and more. When I think about it, I constantly twisted and molded myself to fulfill the vision that others had for me.

This all came to a screeching halt, however, when at the age of 24, I found myself in a deep depression.

I had just completed my master’s degree in education and 6 years in a scholarship program funded by Bill Gates, but I felt empty inside. I knew that I wasn’t fulfilling my purpose on Earth because ultimately, I wasn’t doing what I truly wanted to be doing. I suddenly realized that everything I’d done up until that point in my life had been because it was what I thought I should do – I thought that that was what was expected of me.

I always knew I was meant to help people and to make a significant impact on our world.

Sometime after graduation, I heard about a new profession called life coaching and as I read about it, my heart leapt. I knew I had found what I was supposed to be doing and that was the first time that I made a decision to follow my heart, to do what I felt was right for ME without worrying about what anyone else thought.

I dove into my life coaching certification program at NYU, and as I began coaching these incredible people to live the life of their dreams, I realized that I felt like a fraud. I was working 7 part-time jobs to make ends meet outside of my coaching practice, and I was still carrying the excess weight I put on during my graduate studies. I wasn’t feeling passionate in my romantic relationship and I felt really distant from my family. I was really excited about my coaching practice and yet wasn’t living the life of my dreams. Fulfilling work was just one piece of the puzzle. I knew that I needed to make a change in my life; I needed to take a step back and figure out what I really wanted, both in my life and in my business.

So I stepped away from my coaching practice to figure out what I truly desired.


In doing so, I began to really understand that I was allowed to redefine what success looked like on my terms — that’s where everything shifted for me.

It was a huge leap to go from 7 part time jobs to jumping fully into my coaching business but I did this because I began to focus on building a business that I loved and that was built around the lifestyle I desired.

Now, I have the freedom to take Monday mornings off if I feel like it, to nurture my relationships, to really live my life to the fullest and to do what I love with integrity because I’m practicing what I preach and following my deepest desires. This was not easy and it was scary to make this leap, but in listening to myself and understanding that I was deserving and that I was capable of living the life that I desired, I found the key to my happiness – and I would love to help you do the same.

If you desire a better quality of life,
If you know you have so many gifts to share with the world,
If you are ready to create the life of your dreams,
I am here to support, nurture, encourage, and inspire you.
Click here to schedule a complimentary Get Acquainted Session with Alionka to learn how her programs can help you.

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