Don’t forget the three R’s…

“Don’t forget the three R’s: rest, replenishment, and reflection.” I’m currently sitting up at the lake house in Maine, writing to you as I look out at this: I’ve been resting, replenishing, and reflecting – a lot. Reflection... read more

Do you hate networking?

Imagine this: You’re hiding in the corner of a room, palms sweaty as you scan the group of people mingling ahead of you. Your mouth feels dryer than cotton balls and in the pit of your stomach, you feel regret for even coming. Phrases like “I hate... read more

What Albert Einstein says about problem-solving

Oppressed by wind, sleet and snow, they trudged along to the University of Moscow every single day.  My parents studied engineering in Russia, then the USSR. They’re extremely analytical when it comes to problem-solving, and that’s rubbed off on me. A few... read more

It Takes Courage To Be Happy

A few weeks ago, one of the lawyers in my breakfast networking group announced to the room that I was the happiest person he’s ever met – babies included. This was a huge compliment to me, because one of the reasons I became a life coach was because I... read more

Success is Not a Solo Sport

I’ve been running my coaching practice for three years now. Throughout this time, I’ve spoken to hundreds of people – often more than once.  People often seek me out when they’re ready to change something in their life and business, but... read more
Alionka Polanco
My name is Alionka and I sincerely believe that you are absolutely capable of having anything and everything that you desire. While most people would call me a life coach – I’m on a whole other level. I’m a dream accelerator and possibility seer. Learn more...

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