Some people cower in fear at the thought of public speaking. I’m not one of them! I’m not sure if it’s my BFA in Acting, my hundreds of hours of teaching or a Godgiven natural talent, but I thrive on stage. I truly believe that every person on Earth is capable of fulfilling their potential, and speaking is my favorite way to show them what’s in their realm of possibility. This is why I pride myself on creating innovative, interactive and engaging presentations that are customized to you and your audience.

My signature speaking topics include:
Alionka bullet point Unfolding Possibilities
Alionka bullet point The Rediscovery of You
Alionka bullet point Break the Rules & Set Yourself Free
Alionka bullet point When You’re Ready To Rise
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Guest Spots

I love to shine my light in your online videos, interviews and podcasts. If you are seeking a guest expert who brings enthusiasm and positivity as well as spiritual guidance, fierce and vulnerable honesty and a touch of love-filled butt-kicking, connect with me to discuss your opportunity.

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