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“Don’t forget the three R’s: rest, replenishment, and reflection.”

I’m currently sitting up at the lake house in Maine, writing to you as I look out at this:

I’ve been resting, replenishing, and reflecting – a lot. Reflection is one of my favorite tools to use with clients, because when I was in grad school, I learned that that we learn through experience, but we understand through reflection.

As I’ve been relaxing over Labor Day weekend, I’ve been reflecting on 2016 – the good, the ehhh, and the GREAT! You see – I’m really good at noticing what’s not working. In fact, that’s why people hire me: to help them close the gap of where they are to where they want to be.

Today, though, I’m looking back on 2016 with immense gratitude and awe. Sure, some things could have been better but today I’m choosing to celebrate what’s happened so far this year.  I’d love to hear more about what you’re up to and working on, both personally and professionally.  While we’re at it, here’s what’s new with me:

On a personal note:
• Rachel and I adopted the most adorable puppy! His name is Buster Pegasus PolCaino, he’s a Havanese, and he just turned 1 year old on July 15th!
• Rachel and I also spent 8 glorious days in Oahu, HI – it the first vacation in my three years of entrepreneurship where I didn’t have my laptop!
• I have been delving deeper and deeper into my spirituality and my divine purpose here on Earth.
• Since adopting a four-day work week this summer, I have much more time to devote to some of my other passions like singing, acting, dancing, and reading!

On a professional note:
• My work was featured in
• I spoke onstage at THRIVEinNYC to a room of 140 inspirational women entrepreneurs, and the recording of the talk has now reached over 1.6K views! I was invited to speak at two more conferences because of this speech and I am really looking forward to speaking more in the upcoming months.
Beyond Profit: The Successful Woman’s Guide to a Meaningful Life, my new book, is now available on Amazon – both a Kindle edition and a softcover version.
• I’ve been leading intimate masterminds with powerful business owners who want to experience a business breakthrough, and am starting a mastermind in NYC beginning October 1st. I am so very excited about this, as it’ the first group experience I’ve created since my Los Angeles retreat in March 2015!
• More details on all of this in the near future. 😉

Have you ever thought about this, *|FNAME|*? Today, I want you to reflect on this

What can I celebrate about 2016?
What has gone really well?

Leave your answers in the comments below – I read every response and sincerely look forward to connecting with you here!

To your self-defined success,

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