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Here in the states, yesterday was Thanksgiving! I used to think being thankful on Thanksgiving was enough but having a daily practice of gratitude is a game-changing experience. In today’s video, I go into the WHY of gratitude and how you can cultivate your own practice.

Different Ways to Practice Gratitude:
1. Keep a jar and a few scrap pieces of paper on your nightstand. Every night, write 3 things you’re grateful for and toss the paper into the jar.
2. Write a daily gratitude list in a journal and keep it on your desk.
3. Call a friend or a loved one and play Positive Focus: You each take a turn saying “Positive Focus:” and say something good that happened in the last 24 hours.
4. Take a walk and look up at the sky. Feel grateful that you’re alive.
5. Smile. Whenever, wherever, remember to smile and it will instantly remind you of something worth smiling about. Be grateful for that.

Whatever you do, it’s enough. Happy Gratitud-ing!

With love,

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