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There’s a lump in your throat.
A knot in your stomach.
And the corners of your eyes are stinging.

Have you experienced this? I think we’ve all felt it – and I want to share a story of my own experience with the green-eyed monster we call jealousy.

Years ago when I first began my life coaching business, there was another life coach in NYC that I couldn’t stand to be near. She was (and is!) gorgeous, brilliant, and had a killer marketing message. She was releasing great content, her clients loved and raved about her, and I felt supremely jealous.

As fate would have it, this life coach somehow managed to appear in various areas of my life for the next two years:

*A former friend of mine who owned a production company in NYC promoted her as “the life coach to work with.”

*I thought about sponsoring an event in NYC, only to find out that she’d be sponsoring the same event on the same day.

*A few friends of mine organized an entrepreneur circle but when I found she’d be a part of it, I politely declined.

*I joined a year-long group coaching program, and 4 months later – the other life coach joined it, too.

Finally, I realized I couldn’t keep running away from her. So, when I found out she’d joined my year-long mentorship, I asked her to be my roommate at the next retreat. I figured that if the Universe really wanted me to learn something from her,  I may as well get up close and personal.

At that retreat, I learned why we kept running into each other for the last two years and why her presence made me green with envy.  I learned that jealousy is a super normal feeling that gets a super bad rep! This other life coach represented everything I wanted to be and do in my own life and career. But the more I got to know her, the more I absolutely loved her. Talking to her, and listening to her, I realized we were both put on Earth with very similar missions – we were on the same team. And the jealousy I’d felt for 2 years and counting? It swiftly dissolved and in its place, a divine partnership was born. I realized that this any great thing that happened for her was a win for me, too.
This experience taught me that ultimately, jealousy is just a signal that you’re seeing evidence of what’s possible for you. Naturally, you feel some tension because you don’t yet have it but that’s all that’s going on – no drama is necessary.

Have you ever felt this way? Like there’s someone in your industry or at work who keeps popping up everywhere you go?

Today, I want you to reflect on this:
Who is showing me evidence of what I want in my life? What can I learn from him/her? How can I leverage my jealousy into my next steps for success?

Leave your answers in the comments below – I read every response and sincerely look forward to connecting with you there.

To your self-defined success,

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