As a coach, I feel so deeply blessed to be able to support truly amazing people like the souls on this page. Read on to see the life-changing experiences that followed our 1:1 coaching, workshops and speaking engagements:

“Bless your beautiful magical epic epic heart. Anyone who gets to learn from you, hang with you, soak up your brilliance is a supremely blessed soul. Thank you times a bajillion.”

— Jordana Jaffe, Pennsylvania

“Thank you for all your love — you’re like my super Mario star power boost of positivity. I’m making some great progress, thank you again for your love and guidance — you were the catalyst for change!”

— Mira Zaki, NYC

“Hey, Alionka! I just wanted to send you a big fat virtual hug. You planted the seed of Bali in my mind for my retreat and the plans have been set! Bali it is! I have actually fallen in love with it and am considering living there for a short period of time following the retreat. Thanks for the push and wisdom. Muah!”

— Rochell Callan Guzman, Maryland

“Alionka is one of the best group facilitators I have ever met. She makes everyone feel like they belong, makes sure everyone is heard and she makes everyone feel like they matter. She cares so deeply and honestly for her attendees. Such an incredible holder and creator of sacred space. I had the profound relation that in most cases, I am the only person who is holding me back. I’m the only one who can go out and accomplish my desires. Would you recommend this experience to a friend? 100% go go go! Alionka is amazing!”

— Maggie Robinson, NYC

“I felt I gained so much more than I was even prepared for. I opened up to a deeper level in myself, found out how to be more honest with myself, gained supportive community and learned a lot about the other amazing women in the group who were experiencing similar and completely different struggles and obstacles. I learned from their experiences and gained unexpected insight.
My greatest takeways are my newfound spiritual connection and belief in the power of my wishes and desires. The hope/faith that I CAN achieve my dreams. That I AM ENOUGH. That I am super bright and light and awesome. This workshop was everything I needed and more!”

— Whitney Winfield, NYC

“Sooooo this weekend I went to Alionka Polanco’s Desire Map event in LA and it was seriously AMAZING! If you ever get a chance to work with her, RUN to do it…seriously, it will change your life. All around incredible weekend.”

— Rachael Ferrera-Cain, LA/NYC

“I haven’t even stopped to write and thank you for the amazing experience you gave us all at the retreat…as you can probably see from this email, it has completely inspired me – in spite of being knocked out by this chest infection, I feel as though I’ve broken through a huge barrier. For me, now, it’s all about TAKING ACTION and really tuning into what feels right for ME. I find myself sometimes — regularly, in fact – just smiling for no apparent reason. I didn’t see a soul on Sunday or Monday, and I loved it — I’m feeling incredibly centre, positive and excited about what’s to come. Huge hugs to you!”

— Kate Patterson, Australia

“My experience was one of pure joy and beauty. And hard! It was hard at moments and I’m still processing. I guess I felt overwhelmed by the outpouring of love and total acceptance. This of course is not at all a bad thing ! I got the understanding and depth that I was seeking plus I gained the beginning of new relationships with wonderful women.
My greatest takeaway was the realization that my whole being needs to be, deserves to be engaged in creating the core feelings that I want to live in. I usually rely solely on my head to create my life, which is so hard. The idea that I have more than one resource available to me, from my tribe of like minded friends, to my heart, my body…everything around and in me will help me tap into my core feelings. Aha!”

— Shenica Odom, NYC

“Thanks for such a beautiful time, You did such an amazing job of holding the space and questioning us just right! The home was so nice and the perfect setting and Rachel is ah-mazing too! And the food 🙂 I really enjoyed it so much on so many levels and the other girls were so so so great 🙂 Thank you again so much!!”

— Laura Ann, Long Island

“My experience was transformational. The sacred space Alionka held for us over the weekend was just mind blowing and every tiny detail from chocolate breaks to candle ceremonies was meticulously attended to…I felt like I was being initiated into an ancient secret society…very beautiful. Everyone needs to experience an Alionka event.”

— Shantala, Philadelphia

“I was so skeptical when thinking about life coaching…I thought people who did it were such schmucks and I thought that I wouldn’t ever need to do it. But low and behold I found myself 2 years out of college; at a job where I was unhappy, transitioning into adulthood and found my passions had changed. I felt lost and emotionally unhappy.
That all changed when I started coaching with Alionka. We got right down into it and started focusing my new passions into goals and creating a timeline for change. Not only did she make me feel like a rock star while doing all this, but also she genuinely cared about ME as a person. The goals were set and every week we would meet and find what I did in the past week to inch my way closer to the first goal. After only about 4 months I found myself sitting down with my dream Broadway Advertising firm for a position as an Account Assistant, within that week was hired to fill to position. And after only 7 months with the company, I have been promoted to Account Executive.
I would not have achieved any of this without the help and guidance Alionka gave. She truly is a magnificent person and life coach. Not only does she give you the tools you need to thrive but she also gives you a new feeling of self-worth.”

— Jeff Perri, NYC

“Thanks for coming into my life and guiding me to learn more about myself, who I am, and what I am capable of. My likes, dislikes, strengths, weaknesses are all so important and I had no idea how much until I met you. Thanks for bestowing your goodness and light and wisdom upon me. Today I recalled the spark of my creation and I remembered what a blessing my life is and how each step along the way has molded me and transformed me. I’m so lucky. You have given me so much to ponder and relish in.”

— Whitney Winfield, NYC

“UPDATE: So! Nine months after our life coach sessions, we both got promoted and are making almost double our old income and are both working in the city and are apartment searching…!!!!!!! You are a miracle worker.”

— Justin Link, NYC

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