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Staring down at my planner, my 12th grade self took this in:

“Whether you think you can or you think you can’t — you’re right.”

It was one of those cheesy academic planners with inspirational quotes on every page, but I absolutely loved it. This quote, in particular, has stuck with me because it rings so true.

When I encounter a problem or feel stuck, I immediately focus on my mindset. Is there any part of me that feels doubtful about my goal? Am I committed to making this work?

By looking at the root cause of my stuckness, I’m able to nip my belief systems in the bud. All of the cool stuff I’ve accomplished, like work 8 months out of the year, run a successful business, travel the world, speak on awesome stages, is because on a very deep level I believed I could do those things.

Can you relate?
Today, I want you to reflect on this:
 What is the state of my mindset? Is it in favor of reaching my goals? How can I improve it?

Leave your answers in the comments below  – I read every response and sincerely look forward to connecting with you there.

To your self-defined success,


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