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When the Universe beckons, yo have to listen. When the Universe teaches you a lesson (over…and over…and over again), you have to stay with it. I recently had a wild experience and I want to share it with you because I wish someone could have warned me about what the eff was going on!

Last week, I had a huge personal growth spurt. Brought on by a social event that left me questioning my worth, my potential, and everything about myself… I was kind of freaking out. Like, crying the basement of a restaurant freaking out.

The next day, I reached out to everyone: my partner, my coach, my mastermind, even my reiki healer. I knew that I needed to be supported through this lesson – both in making sense of it and of using it to move forward. The Universe wouldn’t have held up a mirror for me if it didn’t want me to see the truth of a certain situation, right?

In reaching out to my support system, I realized that even though I felt uncomfortable, mad, sad, angry, and confused – all the emotions – it was all for a reason. And if I could just hang on a bit longer, if I could just stay with it, I would eventually see the light.

Universal law says everything in the Universe has its equal, so I knew that if I was feeling so much pain, that there was so much joy waiting for me on the other side. All I had to do was look my pain right in the eye, dance with it, and breathe.

Has this ever happened to you? Today, I want you to reflect on this:

What lesson is the Universe trying to teach me? Am I open to the lesson? Who can support me through this?

Leave your answer in the comments below – I read every response and sincerely look forward to connecting with you there.

To your inevitable success,

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